Drawing - Drawing with Charcoal For Beginners - Step By Step Guide to Drawing Landscapes - Portraits - Animals

Drawing - Drawing with Charcoal For Beginners - Step By Step Guide to Drawing Landscapes - Portraits - Animals

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Ever wonder how an artist draw a beautiful landscape, how with ease uses his chosen medium
and finished his masterpiece. Well let me tell you, that can do it too, picking this book is the first
step you showed your interest to draw Landscape. I promise you if you read and do the
instructions step-by-step in this book in no time you will be drawing your Landscape masterpiece
in no time. Imagine that you will not just amaze yourself but also your friends and others by your
skill in drawing as well rendering it adding tones to make in realistic. Both in pencil and
Charcoal, as what I always tell beginner artist, you must be dedicated, persevere and be patient,
if your first drawing attempt is not the same as you seen in the examples, don’t be discourage, try
to relax or take a break and after that do it again with your calm mind.
This book will be showing you how easy it is to draw landscapes, people and animals so let’s
begin the journey and adventure of the world of drawing with your pencil and charcoal, and
remember have fun and free your creative mind.

Rendering Harry Potter in Charcoal

We will start out with a complex charcoal example to show what can be done in charcoal and
then we will step back and show you in the next chapters how to build up your skills to be able to
accomplish great charcoal painings of your own. We are going to render Harry with Charcoal, so
prepare your materials: shaved charcoal of different grades (Soft, Medium and Hard), Charcoal
pencils and the brushes (Flat and round).

Transfer the image below to your Bristol pad (use 4H pencil or HB), just like we did before
when we were rendering with pencils. Just copy the important contour and map the shades,
including details.

1. Begin by shading the pupils and nostrils using your Soft Charcoal pencil.

- You may use your Templates for this, to have a perfect circle for the pupils.

- Also draw the dark line between the neck and the robe.

2. Using your Medium Charcoal pencil, shade the eyebrows with small short strokes (see the
guide below), and also shade the iris (again use your template), and glasses. Then begin shading
the hair at the back of the head and also draw the line between the lips.

3. Fill the front side of the head, the bangs, and the side with hair strands, using the same grade
of pencil (medium).

4. Draw a line for the eyelids.

5. Now shade the shadows around the eyes, nose, the areas between the nose and the mouth, lips
(the upper lips are much darker than the lower lips), and on the side of the face to the chin
(remember to leave some space for the reflected light). Use Medium shaved charcoal and apply
with a Flat brush.

6. Now use your Round Brush to dab lightly on the face with the same charcoal used to tone the
surface of the face.

7. Use cotton to blend the area, which will enhance and add a good texture to the face.

8. Add detail in the eyes: use your soft charcoal pencil for the upper lines of the eyes, hard
charcoal pencil for the eyelashes and some small lines for the muscles in the iris (you don’t need
to draw all of it just few lines). Next is to add a catch of light in both eyes using an electric

9. Moving on to the nose, finish the details by adding more shade including the Philtrum and

10. Shade the shadow on the neck with dabbing Medium charcoal shaved using your Round

- And blend the area with a flat brush.

11. Moving back to the hair, on the side add a layer of strokes with Soft charcoal pencil.

- Blend it with your Flat brush.

- Do the same to the other side.

- And don’t forget to also add hair on the forehead or bangs.

12. Add a thin shadow below the glasses, with Medium charcoal shavings and flat brush.

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