Drawing Spring Flowers - How to Draw Spring Flowers For the Beginner

Irises, daffodils, snowflakes, hellebores, pansies  and hyacinths are a few of the beautiful flowers that are known to bloom during the season of spring. These charming flowers are quite inspiring to draw when you see their colorful petals and forms. If you are new to drawing and would want to learn how to draw these flowers, here's an example of the process. Let's draw a colorful Lenten rose commonly known as hellebore.

Draw a circle to easily lay out the sepals of a hellebore you are about to draw. Find the center of the circle and mark it to make sure that you will place each sepal evenly.

Convey the shapes and positions of the sepals. Use the circle as a base and draw five sepals surrounding the center. Let the edges of each sepal exceed from the base and form five circles that could either be slightly pentagon- shaped or imperfect spheres.

Once you have the petals drawn, erase the reference base and start defining the parts of the hellebore's center. Start with simple lines with small spheres in their tips slightly spreading outwards, these would be the florets.

Put some uneven stripes of pale shades on the edges of each sepal. It is easier to create the shades if you use a stained smudge stick.

Put a stain of pink around the edges of each sepal. It is easier to produce uneven stains by smudging (lightly) with the sides of the color pencil.

Do the same thing again but with a violet color. Remember that you only have to make pale shades of color. Do not put too much pressure on your hand strokes to avoid creating a strong tone.

Apply a white coloring on each sepal with different pressures on your line strokes. 

Color the center of the flower. the stamens are bright green with yellow tips.

Use a brighter green for the stamens/florets.

Fill the empty space on the center with dark green.


By dotting or stippling with a blunt-point color pencil, apply the dot markings for your sepals using bright red, purple and pink.

Finally, finish the drawing of your hellebore by coloring the stem with different values of green and visible brown stains. And you have a drawing of the beautiful hellebore. 

More detailed easy to follow step by step instructions, along with more examples, are included in the book "Drawing Spring Flowers - How to Draw Spring Flowers For the Beginner". 




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