Drawing Summer Flowers - How to Draw Summer Flowers For the Beginner

There are flowers that bloom during the hot days of summer. These flowers add colors to the bright and fresh vibe of the season, and it is quite inspiring to capture their beauty. As a beginner, you may want to draw some of them but you don't know how to begin. Here's an example of how to draw one. No other flower can symbolize the season of summer like the popular hardy plant sunflower.

Draw two circles (one big circle for the ray florets and a smaller one for the disk) to serve as a guide for placing the parts of the sunflower.

Using the bigger sphere as a guide, draw a bunch of overlapping petals. Let the tips exceed from the sphere, but not too much. 

Define the disk florets. It might take a little time drawing a circular row of small circles but you have to be patient. Scribbling hand strokes can be an easy way to initiate this step, but it would look much better if you do this with small and strong hand strokes to produce dark and more defined disk florets. 

Draw a row of curving lines at the center, creating a swirling pattern that leads to the center of the disk. These curves will serve as reference lines for the details of the empty areas of the disk.

Define the inner details of the disk by following the swirl. Use a fine point dark brown pencil and darken the empty gaps and the center of the disk.

Shade the tight gaps and darken the empty areas.

Fill up the remaining gaps that connects to the ray florets/petals. 

Now that you are finished with the disk, start conveying the minor ruffles of the petals. Put some shades that convey the surface of each petal and cast the shadows on the overlapped ray florets.

elaborate the texture using a a color that could serve as a darker value of yellow. Brown or reddish-brown would blend effectively with sunny-yellow (a particular kind of sunflower 'cherry rose' has this bi-colored feature).

Finally, fill up the remaining areas with yellow.

Shade the farther areas and the overlapped ray florets with fairly light hand strokes using orange.  and you now have your gorgeous sunflower.

For more detailed step by step instructions and examples, grab a copy of "Drawing Summer Flowers - How to Draw Summer Flowers For the Beginner".





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