How to Draw Cats for Kids-How to draw series

In order to draw a cat in any position you want, you need to learn how to create a base. A base is a combination of basic shapes and line references that initially represents the body composition of the any subject you wish to draw. It signifies the thickness and length of each body parts. Having a base before you draw the main outline would help you avoid making a disproportionate cat figure.

As an example, let's draw a devon rex.

  • Draw a diagonal oval for the body and a sphere for the head.

  • Draw the other parts of the cat’s body. Now that you have a proper base, let's move on to the next steps.

  • Define the limbs and draw the facial features of the cat.

  • Add a few ripples to the outline to add a texture to the skin.

Now that you have all the necessary line work, redefine the outlines with a permanent marker and erase the pencil marks to prepare it for coloring.

  • Add the base color the cat.

Devon rex comes in a few colors and color patterns. For this example, I will use tan or cream as a primary tone. Carefully fill the entire body with it.

  • Start portraying the texture of the cat’s short fur using a different color tone.

Apply a few curved rows of very short lines with very faint visibility using a bright bronze or copper brown.

  • Work on the fur texture further with a darker tone.

Do the same thing once again using a darker tone like a basic brown,  and add a few more rows of faint short lines. use this tone as well to depict the dimensions of the body and the shadows cast by overlapping parts.

  • Using a different shade, add the body prints of the cat.

Once you are done with the texture of the fur, you can now add the other details of the body. Use a darker tone of brown to apply the stripes and face markings of the cat.


 Apply the colors of the facial features to finish the drawing.


 Add any kind of background you wish.

If you want to see more, grab a copy of "How to Draw Cats for Kids-How to draw series". The book contains several examples about drawing different kinds of cats, with each little step carefully explained so the young reader could easily follow through. From composing the figure using a combination of simple shapes, and up to applying the colors. The steps are designed in a way that can be applied to either digital drawing (drawing on a tablet) or traditionally (drawing on a paper).



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