Learn How to Draw and Paint Horses for Beginners

Step By Step Guide to Drawing Horses with Pencil, Charcoal, Pastels, Airbrush,
Watercolors and Cartoons

learn to draw-horses
Horses are fascinating creatures. They are great and beautiful, with an analogy of haste, and they
are fast and strong. Even in old paintings, you can see how an artist paints horses on his canvas.
So, why not learn and also feel how to render horses by following the instruction in this eBook.
It will be as if we are like back in time as we follow the old artist footprints and later on see if we
will become “A Great Horse Painter”, after you learn how to paint horses with various media.
I’m sure you’re excited to learn how to draw and paint horses, and I’m sure you won’t regret
learning. I’ll teach you the basics of how to render horses using your pencil, but that’s not all,
you will also learn more as you move along from one medium to another. So bear with me as we
tackle different types of media while rendering horses. All you need to do is give your time and
dedication in your horse paintings, and remember to have fun. Let’s accept the fact that painting
is now part of your life.

How to Draw a Horse

Below is a picture of the horse that we are going to draw.

learn to draw books-horses

So, take your HB pencil, and let’s draw this horse step-by-step.
1. See thru the basic shapes: Sphere, Cube, Cone, and Cylinder on the horse.
learn to draw-horses

Legend: =Cone =Sphere =Cube/Rectangle
2. Now, draw these shapes on your paper.

learn to draw-horses

This will serve as the framework when you are building the parts of the horse.
3. Draw lines that will connect the shape to other shapes, just like drawing a line when
connecting dots.

learn to draw-horses

4. Erase the excess of unwanted lines and shapes in your drawing, and continue to refine the
outline of the horse.

learn to draw-horses

5. Add the important details in the features such as the mane, the contour of the muscles, and the
bit collar or head harness.

learn to draw-horses

If you find this hard, just keep on practicing, and takes note of the angle of the lines, and the size
of the shapes in relation to the other shapes, in order to have a good proportion.

Drawing Horses in Different Poses
The steps are the same as what we did above:
(a.) Find the basic shapes and draw them as the base for your framework.

(b.) Flesh out your drawing by connecting the lines from one shape to another. 

(c.) Erase the lines and shapes that are not needed, and then add more details to your drawing.
Also consider shading the shadow.

learn to draw-horses

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learn to draw-horses



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