Learn How to Paint with Airbrush For Beginners (Tangerines Fruit Basket)

First of all thank you for picking this book, as it prove your sincere interest of the subject about
Airbrushing, Second is that I’m here to guide you to prove that it’s easy to learn, as what other
misconceptions surround it from what you heard before, that you have to be a real artist to use it, well
as everyone who started it, begins as self-taught, reading books and doing it trial- and- error, until they
comes to a point, they are really doing the same thing over and over and Boom. They’re good in
Airbrushing, Third remember that proper skills and right techniques give a large percentage for
individual success in airbrushing, so stick with me, I will be introducing you to airbrushing and things
you need to learn, including the right materials and other tools, to make you’re art a real piece of
So Read this eBook carefully and understand, practice the exercises especially for your trigger control
every day, for your very own benefits, then work the Airbrush exercises next, so Good Luck and have
Tangerines Fruit Basket
For this exercise we will airbrushing a still life, like a real painting, and yes we will render using a
Gouache paint. So prepare you’re tools and materials.
Transfer this image to your working board and paper, and take note of the details and the shaded parts
and areas, include that also when drawing your outline by marking it lightly.
learn how to draw
1. Prepare your Gouache paint for the background, mix a Yellow Ochre in a small amount of
water to thin it, begin by painting the background, don’t worry about the even tones, since we area after
the its texture.
learn how to draw books
-Including the foreground area below, but with a light strokes.
learn to draw books
-This serves as the under layer of our work.
learn to draw books
2. Lightly spray some areas on the background with Dark Green .
learn to draw books
3. Let it dry, and then soften the area with kneaded eraser.
learn to draw books
4. Add another color for the background with Burnt Umber 90% + Black 10%= , again with light
strokes, spray it on the left side and some on the right, note that the light is on the left side, so dark
areas are evident on the left than the right side, and let me remind you not to cover the whole area.
-Erase any over spray using your Abrasive Pencil Eraser, and be very careful not to ruin the paper.
5. Spray a Burnt Sienna color on the light areas.
learn to draw books
This is how it looks like after the spray.
learn to draw books
6. Paint the Tangerines with Yellow color with your Paint Brush, take note of shaded tone, and
imagine that this is the only color we will be using.
learn to draw books
7. Next paint the leaves with Leaf Green color.
learn to draw books
8. Add highlights on the Tangerines using the Electric Eraser.
learn to draw books
9. Paint another color for the Tangerines, using Orange color, this time use your airbrush, since
you will be spraying close to the surface, and decrease the pressure in the air regulator, and don’t forget
to apply masking fluid on the basket to avoid the overspray.
learn to draw books
-Use the picture below as your guide.
learn to draw books
10. Have an early correction on your work, as you see below, some background paint seems to looks
darker when dry, so I paint the area with White to lighten the mistakes.
learn to draw books
-Also I lighten some areas on the leaf using the Abrasive Pencil Eraser.
learn to draw books
-After some minor corrections, see our painting in progress.
learn to draw books
11. Finished some details on the leaves, and the fruits, using Green Variant and Yellow Watercolor
learn to draw books
12. Next is to add details in the basket, by painting it with browns such as Burnt Umber and Burnt
Sienna with Paint Brush, notice below I mist some water over it, to prolong it’s moisture.
learn to draw books
13. After that, mask the area above including background, basket, leaf and the Tangerine on the right
side, spray the surface with Burnt Umber color, notice I used a tracing paper for this to see the
contrast, also I place a half size index card for my test spray.
learn to draw books
14. Lighten the area with Abrasive Pencil Eraser, with horizontal strokes.
learn to draw books
15. Then add the cast shadows, by spraying with this mixture- Burnt Umber 85% + Orange 10% +
Green 5% (note that proportions may differ since, since some brands of Gouache paint differ, so make
some necessary adjustment when mixing ), spray it on the Basket and also on right side for its shadow,
same thing for the Tangerines and leaves (including the right tangerine and left leaves cast shadows).
learn to draw books
16. Now add some details on the foreground below, first draw a small dot, then create highlight, using
the X-Acto scratch below it.
17. Add more details such as highlights: using the White paint spray the highlights for the tangerines,
also leaves and the long horizontal line below the foreground, add another light spray of color for the
background with Blue Green 90%+ Gray 10% color, and don’t forget to draw the cracks using your
Dark Brown Watercolor Pencil, and some thin lines with White Watercolor Pencil.
learn to draw books
-Check your work, and when you’re done take a break and be ready for the last exercise and this will
be in watercolor, so prepare your materials and get ready for the finale.
Download a complete copy of this book.
learn to draw books

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