Web Marketing 101 - Develop Products to Sell Online
Web Marketing 101 - Develop Products to Sell Online
Web Marketing 101 - Develop Products to Sell Online
Web Marketing 101 - Develop Products to Sell Online
Web Marketing 101 - Develop Products to Sell Online

Web Marketing 101 - Develop Products to Sell Online

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Web Marketing 101 - Develop Products to Sell Online

Do you work a full-time job but know that there is money to be made online. Download my latest book and find out how I have been making money online for the last 18 years. Let me show you how in just a few hours on the weekend you can make more money than your 40+ hour work-week.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 6

How to Develop New Products 7

Eight Simple Steps for New Product Development: 7

How to Sell Online. 11

MP4 Video for Online Delivery. 14

DVDs 15

EBooks 18

Slides 19

10 Easy Ways to Finance the Launching of a New Product: 21

How to Get Funding for your Product Development and Marketing. 24

How to Find a Market for Your Products 26

Finding a Hot Market 27

Ask the Market What They Want?. 30

Develop or Find a Product and Sell It to Them.. 31

How to Sell Your Products Online. 33

24 Easier Ways to Make First Online Sale. 36

How to Conduct Market Testing. 53

Selling Digital Products 54

Selling through Affiliates 55

How to predict if a Product or Service will Sell before Launching: 57

Take a Good Preparation: 60

Take Consultation from Some Advisers 61

How to Develop Your Product’s Website. 63

Techniques on Building a Successful Website for your Business 65

How to Generate Traffic to Your Products Website. 69

47 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website: 72

How to Tap into Popular Traffic Sources 81

Buying an Already Existing Website or URL. 82

How to Outsource Your Common Tasks 85

How to Take Advantage from Untouched Online Traffic Sources. 88

How to Market Your Products Website. 93

Targeted Traffic. 93

SEO Marketing. 94

Press Releases 95

SEO Articles 96

Videos 97

Slides 99

Photos 100

Online Directories 100

Auxiliary Sites 101

Blogs and Forums 101

Conversions 102

Site Mechanics 102

Site Structure. 103

Content Value. 103

Do You Solve the Problem?. 103

Call to Action – CTA.. 103

Online Marketing Campaigns 103

Email Marketing. 104

Advertising. 105

Use of Classified Ads 108

Use of Social Media. 110

Placing Your Products on Online Stores 112

Weekly Promotional Campaigns 115

Automated Promotion. 116

Conclusion. 118

About the Author 119


The world of eCommerce is grabbing more and more cyberspace, at lightning speed, than ever before. Online businesses are growing in big leaps and bounds. Selling online is increasingly becoming less of an option and more of a mandatory survival requirement. Online business empires are being created even by those who never thought of making a business worth a few hundred dollars. Looking at Forbes list of the top 10 richest people on this planet, you will realize that more than half of them are techpreneurs who have invested in the world of electronic technologies such as those presented by the marvels of the internet.

These days, you can hardly make your global presence be felt without the aid of the internet. Are you wondering how and where to start doing your business on the internet? This book is just the right key to opening that door to the limitless world of internet business. Don’t dwarf yourself to extinction. Grab this opportunity now! Welcome.

We are right here for you. We see you and even before you dare knock, we’ve already laid out the red carpet for you. This book is a whole world of internet knowledge in itself. From this book, unlimited space awaits you to fill it with your adventurous entrepreneurial prowess. Territories await you in cyberspace for you to conquer and you will be king if you dare make that first move.

Once again, WELCOME!

About the Author

John Davidson is an online products development guru who has been developing and selling products online since the year 2000. John is an accomplished writer, trainer and highly successful guest speaker conducting various educational seminars pertaining to his pet subject – online business development. As a writer, John has published over 1,200 books and sold over 1,000,000 copies of them online.

John is an accomplished Architectural draftsman who has successfully utilized the power of eCommerce to sell thousands of architectural plans worldwide. As an internet business entrepreneur, John runs over 200 websites managed under his company – Specialized Design Systems which comprises of full-time staff and freelancers located across the globe.

As an internet techpreneur, John has developed dozens of mobile apps with over 1,000,000 downloads so far. Before venturing into business online, John has been drawing homes, barns, and garages since 1984. He has drawn over 500 homes and over 1000 garages and barns thanks to his family drafting business Specialized Design Systems.

On one of his architectural design websites, http://housecabin.com has over 100 full house and cabin plans available for easy download for as low as $1 each. John has been selling affordable digital plans online for over 15 years. Check out more of his plans at http://sdsplans.com which is Specialized Designs Systems LLC plan website.

John’s newest project is a series of nonfiction children’s books about animals geared towards first time or young readers the website is http://AmazingAnimalBooks.com He has also been working on a Learn to Draw Website with over 150 books http://L2Draw.com

This book was developed from a lecture John gave at the Cache Business Resource Centers Business Summit.

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