How to Draw in Pen & Ink
How to Draw in Pen & Ink
How to Draw in Pen & Ink

How to Draw in Pen & Ink

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How to Draw in Pen & Ink


Recording the happenings in daily life has always been important for humans. Right from the beginning, men used different methods to record what was happening in their lives. Cave man used his sharpened stone to scratch the caves and mark his daily life routine and it all started then and there. Later man developed symbols from pictures to record or save whatever he intended to and from that they developed writing alphabets.

It all developed over a long period of time from scratching and chiseling to writing down on paper. The Chinese invented and developed ink which was later made by other nations too. The romans created the basic form of a fountain pen. Quills were used for a long time period. Then with the passage of time writing, writing styles, and tools all developed. Pen and ink started quite early in the history of mankind.

Table of Contents

  • Basic drawing in pen and ink
  • Tools:
  • Practice Exercises
  • Hatching:
  • Cross hatching:
  • Random lines:
  • Stippling:
  • Ink wash:
  • Mixing Techniques:
  • Exercise 1: Simple Figures
  • Exercise 2: Flower
  • Exercise 3: Tree Trunk
  • Exercise 4: Portrait 1
  • Exercise 5: Portrait 2
  • Exercise 6: Bird
  • Conclusion
  • Artist Bio
  • Publisher


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