How to Draw Cats for Kids
How to Draw Cats for Kids

How to Draw Cats for Kids

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Drawing Cats. 4

Drawing Tools. 6

Drawing Apps. 11

Warming up. 15

Tips for Coloring. 19

Making a Base. 23

Russian Blue. 25

Himalayan Cat 38

Scottish Fold. 51

Devon Rex. 63

Persian Cat 75

Siamese Cat 90

Munchkin Cat 103

Author/Illustrator Bio. 117

Publisher 128

Introduction: Drawing Cats

This book contains several examples about drawing different kinds of cats, with each little step carefully explained so the young reader could easily follow through; from composing the figure using a combination of simple shapes, up to applying the colors. The steps are designed in a way that can be applied to either digital drawing (drawing on a tablet) or traditionally (drawing on a paper).


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