Kids First Activities with Paint
Kids First Activities with Paint
Kids First Activities with Paint

Kids First Activities with Paint

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Kids First Activities with Paint


With kids, life is always busy. You see yourself running around trying to manage stuff. Juggling between chores, grocery, laundry, cooking, and work. which are the essentials of life and tackling a child is another story. Children are a totally different field that interacts with each and every activity of your life. Especially when you are at home with them, and then the very common phrase starts coming out “I am bored." Your suggestions of go play with your toys, go outside, read a book fall on deaf ears. Sometimes we are clueless of what activities to give to our child(ren) to keep them busy. It’s not easy being a mother. It takes ages for the children to go to sleep and they are awake from their nap before you have finished half the work you decided to do. Being a mother of one toddler, I have seen how the pace of work drops down to fifty percent while your kid is around. 

It’s lovely to be a mother. It is, without any doubt, one of the best feelings in the world. But at the same time, its hectic, it’s very hectic. I have tried keeping my kid busy in various activities. You would have done that too. Some activities work and others simply don’t. We should understand that it is as difficult to be a kid as it is to be a mom. How would you feel if suddenly you lose your memory and you remember only the basics of the world? If you knew only as much as your kid does, do you think you would be able to cope better than your child does at the present age? I don’t think so. If not worse, we would only be as good as they are. So once we start understanding this fact that the kids need to be guided, as they learn and grow.

Table of Contents

  • Kids First Activities with Paint
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • A little about poster colors
  • What Kids will Learn
  • A Few Reminders
  • Lesson 1 Sprinkling (family tree)
  • Lesson 2 Wool printing (practice)
  • Lesson 3 Wool Cartoon
  • Lesson 4 Tree (Thumb Printing)
  • Lesson 5 Grapes (Thumb printing)
  • Lesson 6 Peacock (Thumb printing)
  • Lesson 7 Paper folding
  • Lesson 8 Butterfly (paper folding)
  • Lesson 9 Dragonfly (paper folding)
  • Lesson 10 Lady Bug (paper folding)
  • Lesson 11 Garden (Paper folding)
  • Conclusion
  • Artist Bio
  • Publisher


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